• Complete O&M Contracts
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Remote Monitoring & Loss Mitigation
  • Facility Reporting
  • Warranty Management
  • Electrical Inspections, Testing, Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Shade Analysis

Complete O&M Contracts

Fixed Operations and Maintenance Contracts are tailored to each client’s respective needs and can be a comprehensive solution to something as simple as an annual vegetative maintenance plan.  Feel free to reach out to us to get a copy of our O & M Contract template.

Thermal Imaging

Using a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sAUS) DJI M200, Maximum Solar can provide Thermal Imaging of your solar facilities to ensure its efficient operations.

Remote Monitoring & Loss Mitigation

All projects under contract with Maximum Solar are remotely monitored through the facilities’ Data Acquisition Service. Emailed alerts are monitored 24/7, with Field Technicians on call seven days a week. The customer is kept notified of the alert status from inception until the issue is 100% resolved.

Facility Reporting

O & M Contracts include quarterly reports that include actual production data versus modeled data, actual production versus last year’s data, daily production by inverter with corresponding average daily temperature and average daily irradiance, alarm events and resolution, incident reporting, contract work performed, no-contract work performed and recommended preventative maintenance work. Semi-annual reporting includes detailed visual inspections and cleaning of all the major equipment and equipment filters. Annual reporting includes all testing and inspection data, as well as the second round of detailed inspections and cleaning of all the major equipment air intakes. Feel free to reach out to us for a copy of our typical inspection reports.

Warranty Management

Included in the O & M Contract is a complete management of the client’s warranties. This includes maintaining digital storage of all warranties in a shared customer folder. When a warrantied issue occurs, the client need not get involved, as Maximum Solar will handle all correspondence until the respective equipment is either repaired or replaced per the warrantied terms.

Electrical Inspections, Testing, Troubleshooting and Repair

Maximum Solar has professionally trained solar technicians to handle all electrical, trouble-shooting inspections and repairs. We carry all the latest equipment required, including Solmetric Sun-Eye Shading Tool, Solmetric IV Curve Tracer, FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras and Drone based aerial thermal imaging for entire arrays.

Shade Analysis

Maximum Solar provides pre-and post-construction shading analysis via Solmetric’ s Sun Eye. Reports produced will let the client know exactly what production losses they may incur with the current shading and what trees should be removed to reduce or eliminate shading.

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