• Mowing and Clearing and Shade Maintenance
  • Site Maintenance
  • Snow Clearing, Removal and Plowing
  • Touchless Module Cleaning System


Part of Maximum Solar’s mission is to provide our customers with complete in-house solutions for all of their Operations and Maintenance needs, with site work being no exception. Our Site Work/Vegetative Maintenance Division currently has three crews with locations in Southeastern, MA (Easton), Central, MA (Acton) and Western, MA (Westfield). Equipment we own includes five trucks, five trailers, two tractors with all the accessories, two excavators, ten commercial mowers, two commercial sprayers, two commercial snow blowers, four plows and three turbine blowers for removing snow off of modules. Services include all things required to maintain a site, including vegetative maintenance, erosion control and site repairs, snow plowing and snow removal.

Mowing , Clearing and Shade Maintenance

Shaded solar panels produce less power. Period. Vegetation and perimeter tree shading create revenue losses.   Vegetation also can obstruct ground airflow, which is an important cooling tool critical to maintaining maximum system production.

Revenue losses associated with these naturally occurring hazards may not seem significant when examined daily, however, the long-term impact can be substantial. As a part of our detailed site review, Maximum Solar will determine how to increase your system’s production by decreasing unnecessary shading. We will then design a site-specific, annual vegetative mitigation plan to prevent shading losses. Maximum Solar will provide your solar installation with an environmentally sensitive program to maximize your energy production.

Site Maintenance

Maximum Solar has all of the equipment required to maintain your site. This includes road maintenance, grading, erosion control, culvert repair and retention pond repair and maintenance.

Snow Clearing, Removal and Plowing

Having your solar modules covered with snow can be costly. When snow piles up on the ground so that the panels can no longer shed additional snow, a site can lose a month of production. Maximum Solar has performed numerous field tests to know that if the modules will be covered for two days or more, then the payback for the cost of snow removal is a good investment. Maximum Solar provides everything from snow plowing to complete snow clearing services.

Touchless Module Cleaning

Your solar modules are exposed to formidable elements 24 hours a day. Wind, dust, dirt, bird droppings and airborne trash are a constant threat to your solar production. Clean solar modules generate more power and increase production revenue.

With our Mobile Module Cleaning System, it is not necessary to have a water source at your site as we bring the water to the site with our 2000-gallon water truck. Our touchless cleaning system uses spring water with no harsh chemicals to safely clean your solar modules. Whether your facility is ground-mounted or roof-top, we have all the equipment required to keep your system producing at full capacity.

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